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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Red Nine Greens Renovaiton Update

The red nine renovation is progressing on schedule.  The new greens are well under construction.  The greens are larger and the wider opening in the approaches offer the golfer an enhanced chance to get their approach shot onto the green.  The front left bunker on #3 green will only defend approximately 20% of the left side of the green, therefore leaving 80% of the green open to an approach shot. The width of the opening to the #9 green is twice as wide as the previous design offering a very fair approach to a larger green.  I think you will be well pleased with the improvements.
The photo below is of the renovate #3 fairway bunker.  The fairway has been widened by almost 15 yards and the bunker has decreased in size.  The green stakes to the left of the bunker are where the bunker previously extended to the center of what is now the new fairway.   
The photo below is of the renovated and newly designed #5 fairway bunker.  The fairway has increased in width by 15 yards, doubling the width of the fairway.  The area between the right side of the bunker and the green stakes  in the middle of the fairway denotes the size and location of the previous bunker.  You can see how much wider the fairways is now
The photo below is a view from the fairway to the green of the new #3 red green.  You will quickly notice that the pot bunker and the high mound in front of the previous green have been eliminated.  There are bunkers bunkers located at the right and left sides of the approach. but they do not block your approach shot to the green.  The front left bunker will protect a far left cupping location.
The photo below is a view of the new #9 red green looking from the back of the green towards the fairway.  This green will be 25 % larger.  The original green side bunkers on the right side and behind the green stayed in tact.  Two new bunkers will be installed on the left side of the green.  Virtually 100 % of the green will be open to approach shots. 
Below - 615 tons of the Sand-Profile root zone mix is in the parking lot and ready to be placed in the new greens as soon as the drainage and gravel layer is installed.  This root zone mixture is what allows the new USGA type greens to drain better, remain firmer and produce quicker putting speeds.  This same mixture is beneath all of red and blue greens, the putting green and #4 & #5 white greens.

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