This site is intended to share information relating to the management of the golf course conditioning and quality of Northmoor Country Club and the art, the science, and the factors that influence those conditions. Please visit as often as possible.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Course Update

As you may recall, last spring we opened the golf course almost 3 weeks earlier than normal and daytime temperatures in March were in the 70s and 80s.  No such luck this season.  My how the weather makes a difference.

Each spring we target April 1st as our course opening date. This year we still have freezing daily temperatures and there is still some snow on the course.  These weather conditions result in a soft wet course.  Thus, we have not put the flagsticks back on the greens. I will keep you updated and we will open the regular greens for play as soon as we get some drying weather to firm the green's surfaces. Right now they are very soft.
I will be posting updates on this blogsite and my twitter account.  You can access and follow my course updates on twitter which you will find on the right side of this page. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Communication & The Witt Family

The target date for opeing the golf course is April 1st each season.  The weather actually dictates when the course ac be opened for play.  We will see when the snow melts and the course begins to dry.  As always, we will open as soon as possible for your enjoyment.  The flagsticks will be placed on the greens as soon as the surfaces are firm enough to keep from footprinting. 

As the golfing season approaches, I wanted to let you know of three ways that our operation offers NCC members updates on the course conditioning. 
1.  The golf course condition line by calling 847 926 5545
2.  -  By going to this site and signing up, you can receive timely course updates via  text or email.  For example, if there is a frost delay, I will post the information and it will come
              directly to you.
3.  Twitter @TommyDWitt - My friend at Skokie CC told me that he has about 150 of his members   that follow his course updates on his twitter account.  I will post course updates and  information
              on my twitter account.  This is just a way for our members to be more informed about timely
              projects and conditions on the golf course.

Thanks to those of you who frequently ask about my family.  They are vitally important to me. During my 10 years at NCC, many of you now know one or more of my family.  You don't see them often because my children are all college age or older.  Below is a quick update on "my group."

Many of you see my wife Lorrie around the club.  She does a magnificent job of managing our annual and perennial flowers.  She is a Certified Master Gardener.  Flowers and gardening are one of her passions.
My son Seth works at Sullivan's Steakhouse in Lincolnshire and is pursuing his Business Degree.
He plans to move to Charleston, SC or to Austin, Texas within the next year.
My daughter Lauren moved to Austin, Texas 18 months ago following her graduation from the University of South Carolina.  Lauren is the Director of Publications and Communications for the Texas Psychological Association, a professional member association.  Austin is approximately 70 miles from my home town and is where Lauren was born before we left Texas.  She is enjoying getting reacquainted with her Texas heritage and enjoying the wonderful things Austin has to offer.

My son Tanner plays baseball and is a senior at Kansas State University.  He will graduate in May and will move to Austin, Texas if he is not taken in the MLB draft in June.  He plays short stop, outfield and pitches.