This site is intended to share information relating to the management of the golf course conditioning and quality of Northmoor Country Club and the art, the science, and the factors that influence those conditions. Please visit as often as possible.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Golf Cart Use Parking

When using golf carts, please help with several basic, but very helpful, practices.
1.   Always drive your cart to the CART PATH side of the green.   This direction keeps you in the safest area from errant golf shots from golfers on other holes.
2.   Park the cart with all 4 tires on the path. 

Thanks for your help in keeping the NCC golf course in a pristine condition.

Keeping all 4 tires on the path will reduce reoccurring and unsightly damage to the turf.
The photo below exhibits the recommended way to park a cart with all tires  on the path.
Parking carts with tires on the grass can lead to ruts, bare areas and poor turf
Please refrain from parking carts with tires on the turf
Each of the photos below is an example of golf cart damage from carts parking off the paths or "shortcutting" a curve.  This damage take a significant amount away from the detail we are pursuing at NCC.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Driving Range Artifical Mats

Below is a video that relates to driving range usage and care.   At times we utilize our artificial surfaces for hitting.   This occurs during wet periods so that we can keep the range open for your use.  We also use the mats in the spring and fall when the turf is not actively growing.    Please take a look.