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Friday, March 13, 2015

Internship Opportunity: Golf Course Management Operation

The following presentation shares information about the excellent Turfgrass Internship and Assistnat In Training Programs offered at Northmoor Country Club.   Students have the tremendous opportunity to be exposed to and participate in the FULL SPECTRUM of a high quality golf course management operation from a leadership, agronomic and business aspect. 

Winter Work Tasks for the Golf Course Operations Staff

While Chicagoland golfers and NCC members are traveling to warmer climates, enjoying winters at a southern or western club or just staying warm inside their homes during our Chicago winters, the NCC Golf Course Operations staff stays busy caring for the club's property and preparing for the next spring's golfing season. 

The presentation listed below will give you a bit of insight into the frequently asked question,
"What do you do all winter?"  There is a tremendous amount of work that happens in the early fall, throughout the winter and in the spring prior to opening the course.   Enjoy the presentation.