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Monday, July 21, 2014

Video - Divot Repair

Incorrectly and unrepaired fairway divots are an eyesore to our otherwise pristine bentgrass fairways.  They also diminish the quality of the playing conditions of any quality fairway turf.  Nothing is more unfair for a fellow golfer than to hit a perfect shot right down the middle of the fairway only to have his or her ball come to rest in
an unrepaired divot.  It is the responsibility of every golfer to leave the course in better condition than he or she found it.

Incorrectly repaired divots in the fairway

Unless the replaced divot is pressed firmly back into place, it will dry out and die as exhibited by the dried out brown dead divot in the photo below.
The following video shows the best way to repair or replace fairway divots.  Take a look.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Course Wetness

There are times, following heavier rainfalls, when we allow carts on the fairways.  We request that the carts stay in the fairway cut because most of the fairways have some form of subsurface drainage and the shorter cut turf dries faster.  The rough areas have many "birdbaths" and heavily shaded areas where water tends to stand.  Also the areas with higher turf takes longer to dry out.  For these reasons, we ask that golfers not drive in the roughs. 

The wetness of the course not only depends on the amount of rainfall we may have received on a given day but on the following factors:
     The rainfall on previous days
     The amount of sunlight to dry the course
     The amount of wind to dry the course
     The amount of humidity during the day

Below are some photos of the wet areas of the roughs that influence cart access at times.  These are photos taken on a day, following a rainfall,  when carts were permitted on the fairways.  
While the fairways may be drying, the roughs are so wet that carts can damage the course entering and exiting the fairways.   As always, I will get carts out ASAP.  This is your golf course and I will always place a high priority on you being able to enjoy it and have access to it. 

Although carts were running on the fairways following a rainfall, we were still pumping water from standing areas on the course.  You can imagine how carts being driven in the wrong place could cause damage.