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Friday, September 14, 2012

Course Update

The heat and drought of the summer of 2012 set 140 year records.  Glad that they are past.  Now that we are past Labor Day, we will turn to implementing some of the agronomic practices and processes that are necessary to help the turf recuperate from the stress of summer heat, heavy golfing play and winter survival measures.  Since the golf course turf is a living entity, it will need the care and attention to bounce back and be ready for the beginning of next season.  Fall aerification, topdressing and fertilization are three of the main necessities that the turf needs. 

We have already done these cultural practices on the red nine while it was closed.  We will begin aerifying the white greens next Monday, September the 17th followed by aerfiying the blue greens on September 24th. 

 The red greens have ben aerified
 The plugs are shoveled to the edge of the green, picked up and removed
  The greens are then topdressed with sand
 The sand is brushed into the holes to take the place of the aerification plugs that were removed
 The holes are filled and leveled
    The greens are then rolled to smooth the surface

 Lastly, the greens are fertilized with several different products to promote root and shoot growth.
 The renovation of red greens #3 and #9 is very well.  It is on time and within budget !!!!  Drainage installation, irrigation installation, bunker construction and all rootzone mix and materials have been completed on #3 green.  We will be "floating out" or smoothing the surface in preparation for seeding early next week.  The green will be larger in size, framed by bunkers on the right - left-and back of the green, with a generous opening in the front for approach shots.  The greens is larger and much less sloping than before.

The photo below shows what the drainage system looks like under a USGA green.  This system aids in carrying water away from the rootzone of the green.  Greens dry out quicker resulting in superior putting speeds.
 The photo below is a view from the back of #3 green towards the fairway. The gravel layer has been laid in place and the rootzone mix is beginning to be placed on the green
The photo below is of the rootzone mix being pushed over the gravel layer
The work on #9 green is well under way.  The drainage has been installed.  Gravel and rootzone mixture are already being added to the cavity of the green complex.  The green is now almost 7,000 square feet in size with an open approach to the green.  I think you will find it very fair and enjoyable.  Hopefully we will have the #9 green seeded by the end of next week.
Below - Green's mix is being added to the cavity of #9 red green
     The red course will open for play as soon as the contractors finish their work.  If the weather holds and all goes well, you will be able to play the red course by the end of September.                                                 

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