This site is intended to share information relating to the management of the golf course conditioning and quality of Northmoor Country Club and the art, the science, and the factors that influence those conditions. Please visit as often as possible.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Record Setting

How do you control the uncontrollable?  You don't.  When it comes to managing the playing conditions of a golf course, we have to adjust to the weather conditions.
We try to maximize the advantages of optimum & favorable weather conditions when they exist.  We also implement agronomic practices and processes to minimize the effects that stressful & negative weather conditions have on the turfgrass plants.  A significant amount of the art and science that we utilize in the maintaining premier golfing conditions revolves around the short and long term weather influences.

The chart below shows that the soil temperatres in mid-March are 20 to 30 degrees above normal for this time of year.  This abnormality means that we are already implementing practices that we would normally do in May or early June.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Course Preparation

The snow is gone and the temperatures are moderating.  We will be opening the course soon.  There will be thousands of hours of preparation before many of you will play the course this season.  Below are just a few of the many tasks that are in the process of getting the course ready for play this spring. 

As you can see, the greens are still dormant. 

Sticks and debris are blown off the greens in preparation for the first rolling and mowing.
Greens are rolled to firm the soft spring surfaces

Notice the footprints in the soft greens at the bottom portion of the photo.
The greens are still very soft.
We will mow the greens for the first time in the spring as soon as they begin to firm-up from the rolling

All course accessories have been refurbished and are ready for the season
New signs have been constructed in-house that match the design of other course accessories

                  Plant materials are pruned and cleaned

                  All flower beds are cleaned and mulched
Mulch is spread in the beds

                     All accessories are sanded and painted
The irrigatioin pumphouse controls have been tested and readied
                         The irrigation has to be re-charged
             Covers have been removed from the driving range too

                 The range divots are smoothed and seeded

                The course hazards and OB are marked
                  Bunkers are cleared of leaves and the sand is re-distributed to even levels
                    Accessories are placed on the course
Limbs throughout the property are collected
Many of you have asked about our Border Collie and goose dog, Polly.  She is 11 years old now and her health is failing a bit.  She is still a trooper and loves to be out on the course and chasing geese.  She is a very special member of our team.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Course Opening

While it has been a unusually warm winter, we currently still have snow cover on the golf course.  As is the case each spring, our target date for opening the course is April 1st.  This date can vary by a few days to a week earlier or later depending on the weather.  We will be providing updates on the course opening on this blog site as well as on the condition line.  I will also be sending out an email to those of you who have provided me with your email addresses for course updates.

We will be implementing a new flag color scheme and design this spring.  We will red and white flags for the red nine, black and white flags for the white nine and blue and white flags for the blue nine.  Proofs of the new flags are pictured below.  The only difference from the photos is that the NCC logo will be a solid black color and not just and outline.  There will be no front - middle- back color coordination.

The flag below is from the LaQuinta Resort course in Palm Springs.  This is a real photo of what our new flags will look like.  I hope you find them attractive and to your liking.