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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Golf Course News

The renovation of the red greens #3 and #9 is complete.  We will open the red course this week.  Temporary greens will be used on these two holes for the remainder of the fall and until early next summer.  You will notice that the two greens 6,000 and  7,000 square feet in size respectively.  The #3 green is almost 1,500 square feet larger in size and #9 is over 2,000 square feet larger in size.  The new bunker located on the left side of #3 green defends approximately 15% of the total surface of the green, leaving the player an approach shot of over 80 % of open green's surface.  The 9th green, larger in size, has two new bunkers on the left of the green but there is a 100% opening in the approach of the green. 

The two new greens are much improved from a player's standpoint.  Both greens have enough contour to offer putts that will be interesting and movement on the putts.  I think you will really like both greens.  Let me know if you would like to ride out and take a look at them.  I will be able to tell the exact design concepts and features that Dr. Hurdzan incorporated into the design.

  #3 Red Green
   #9 Red Green
Below are a few photos of the golf course as we end the summer and approach the fall season.
  Blue #2 Green Complex
   Blue #5 Green
  White #3 Fairway
 White #3 Green

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