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Monday, April 25, 2011

Carts on the Path

There are those days, especially in the spring, when wet - saturated golf course conditions dictate that carts must be restricted to the paths. Please reference the photos below to see why it is necessary to keep all 4 tires on the path rather than driving around another cart, around a water puddle on the path, or going across the golf course when the conditions are very wet. When approaching a puddle of water on a cart path STAY ON THE PATH, REDUCE YOUR SPEED & DRIVE SLOWLY TROUGH THE PUDDLE. DO NOT GO AROUND THE WATER

The photo below shows the damage by a golfer who drove a golf cart off of the cart path this weekend when the carts were restricted to the paths.

Below is another example of a golfer driving a cart across the rough and fairway when there were cart restrictions in effect.

Please help keep the golf carts on the paths during the restricted periods. It takes time and money to repair these violations. Most of all, it detracts from our beautiful property.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wet Conditions

The enlargement of #8 blue tee is progressing. Unfortunately it has rained 4 of the last 7 days in addition to a 2 inch snow on Monday. This enlargement will give us more teeing area to distribute the traffic, the divots, and the wear.

We received 1.2 inches of rain on Tuesday which resulted in very wet conditions.
We will have cart restrictions on the red and blue nines until the course dries out.

The fairways are holding water . Cold & overcast conditions do not allow

for favorable drying conditions.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Many of you ask about Polly, our border collier who assists in keeping geese off of the course. She was 2 years old when she came to NCC in 2003. Although she is getting up in age, she has a tremendous amount of energy. She is wonderfully trained and is a tremendous asset to our operation. Unfortunately she is a bit under the weather now. She has an enlarged heart that is putting pressure on her lungs, resulting in a build-up of fluid in her lungs. She is receiving the best treatment possible. We will see how she recovers. Her goose chasing days may be behind her but she will always have a loving home here at our office.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Greens = Television

For those of who watch the PGA tour event this weekend at the TPC course in San Antonio, you will notice the greens have many brown spots in them. The rich green television filters mask many of the brown spots on the greens but if you look closely, you will see them. In order to achieve the elevated putting speeds that the tour desires, irrigation and supplemental watering is withheld from the turf. The intent is to make the green's surfaces hard and dry resulting in very firm surfaces. These greens are not maintained at this level for an expended period. It is not possible to stress the greens on a year round or season long basis without risking turf damage and failure.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#8 Blue Tee Project

Over the next few weeks we will be expanding the teeing surface on #8 blue tee. As is the case with virtually any par 3 tee, there cannot be enough teeing surface because of the damage left by iron shots that result in deep divots. We will be expanding and enlarging the middle tee. This will provide the opportunity for the blue tee players to hit off of the middle tee and not be required to play off of the back - championship tee 100% of the time. The photo below shows the extensive wear and numerous divots on the small black championship tee on #8 blue. These divots are the result of both the black tee and blue tee players hitting from the small championship tee. The tee expansion will allow us to rotate the tee markers and provide an improved hitting surface.