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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Aquatic Plantings

Based on Board of Director request, the staff has initiated an aquatic plantings program.   The first plantings have been planted on White #4 lake and Red #6 lake.   These plants come in smaller container sizes but they will mature nicely in the next season or  two.  These are all perennial plantings.  We will see how they are received before expanding the planting project.   The plants are placed at the water's edge and also above the water line, depending on the plant species. 

Sod is removed from the edge of the lake.

Once a general planting site has been determined, Lorrie arranges the plants where she wants them.
 8 to 10 different species of plants have been chosen for use in the new program
 The photos below are of several of the localized planting sites.   As they mature, they will be visually outstanding.

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