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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Red 7 & 8 Lake

The Red #7 and #8 lake overflow structure heaved out of the water and became dysfunctional. 
We will be installing a new structure next week.  The reason the lake is down is because it as at the current level of the pipe that connects the lake with the Skokie Canal to the right of # 8 tee.  

The structure below served two purposes on the Red 7 & 8 lake.  It served as an overflow to lower the lake when flooding occurred and also had a valve we could open to drain the lake when necessary.   For some reason, it just floated up out of the water one Sunday morning.
The photo below is of the entire structure after we lifted it out of the water
In the photo below, the pipe which controls the level of the lake when the structure is functioning properly. 
The photo below shows what the new structure will look like.  It will actually be placed on the land in the bed next to the bald cypress tree behind #8 blue tee.  The pipes at the bottom of the structure will connect the lake to the canal so we can drain the lake in the winter to prevent our rock wall damage.
The lake level will return to normal as soon as the new structure is installed.

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