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Friday, September 4, 2015

Bunker Consistency Factors

                 Why Do Bunkers On The Same Course Play Differently?

The September issue of Golf Digest Magazine has an article that offers a few factors involved in bunker consistency and playability.  It includes comments from Golf Course Managers at
Chambers Bay, Oakmont, Baltusrol, Oakland Hill and Pinehurst.  The playability of bunkers change daily.  Weather and course design play a huge role but below are some additional factors.

Their comments on the reasons for bunker inconsistency include:

  • The type of sand, the particle size and sand depth
  • The winter freezing and thawing & heavy rains
  • North facing bunkers dry slower than south facing bunkers
  • Bunkers change on a daily basis due to wind, sun and golfer raking
  • Unless there are fried egg lies then bunkers should not be a problem
  • Different shots struck at different angles & trajectories
  • Different weather conditions affect drying and wetness 
  • The type of sand, the particle size and sand depth
  • Bunker location - the closer to greens and fairways may receive more irrigation
  • The quality of construction, drainage, erosion protection & sand quality
  • Different sizes and designs of bunkers - Are they open and flat or deep
  • Shaded vs. sunny locations
  • Closeness to greens & fairways - irrigation influences
  • Mechanical vs. hand raking
Below are several videos related to bunker management

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