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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Record Rainfall and Wettness

I often get the question,"Isn't this rain good for the golf course?"

When you get 3 to 6 inches of rainfall at a time or when it rains every other day for 6 or 8 days , the answer is ALWAYS NO!!!!!!!!

When conditions are dry and the rainfall comes in timely manner, rainfall is great for a golf course. When it rains 12 days in the month of June or when it rains 7 inches in a 12 day period, then negative aspects of turf conditioning come into play. Soils become saturated, healthy deep roots regress back to the surface and are less healthy and golf carts are restricted because of the compaction and damage they may cause . High humidity normally accompanies rainfall and humidity is a contributor to turf disease. If high temperatures are included in the equation then that increases the conditions for serious challenges.

Below are a few of the charts and graphs and headlines from the Chicago Tribune this summer relating to our weather conditions. We will always do all we can to have the course playable for you but in months like June and July of 2010 the record rainfall amounts are quite impacting on the course and cart usage.

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