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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Golf Cart Routing

You will notice that we have placed a few more cart traffic stakes on the course, especially on the blue nine. The blue nine turf is young and immature. It is showing significant signs of cart traffic wear, compaction, and thinning of the turf. This is common on a young turf that has been exposed to a tremendous amount of rainfall, moisture, heat, and humidity this summer. The wear occurs mostly in the lower areas but also near the bunkers where carts drive as close as possible to the fairway bunkers.

Cooler temperatures, fall aerification, and golfers varying their driving patterns will help revive these areas. Thanks for your help.

Here is an example of a heavily used golf cart path where the turf has been affected by the record setting rainfalls this year. The turf remains soft and wet and the golf cart tires repeatedly compact the area resulting in thinning of the turf.

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