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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bunker Face Replacement

We are in the process of re-sodding some of the bunker faces on the white nine. These areas have a difficult time in the summer because they get a heavy layer of sand build-up on them from the bunker shots, they are exposed to the drying South winds, and their vertical faces (slopes) do not allow for adequate water infiltration. Therefore, these areas dry out quickly.

Below Mario is hand watering the bunker faces. Watering with the overhead sprinklers results in the sand in the bunkers being too wet for quality playing conditions.
Mario and Ramiro are adding a low volume irrigation line to the bunker face on #9 white bunker.
This system will add a low volume of irrigation water to the vertical face of the bunker slope. It will prevent heavy run-off of water into the bottom of the bunker.
Below the staff has re-sodded the #9 white bunker face and installed irrigation.

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