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Friday, June 11, 2010

Wet Conditions

The photos below show how wet conditions exist and can receive damage following a heavy rainfall. At times, it is necessary to implement different options for cart usage when wet conditions exist. Depending on the amounts of rainfall, carts may be restricted to paths, restricted to fairways, or restricted to the roughs. Thanks for your understanding during the times that we have these restrictions. It is my goal to allow carts on the course as soon as possible following a heavy rainfall. I place a high priority on trying to achieve the best possible balance between protecting your valuable asset and providing you access to enjoy your golf course.

The photo below shows where several carts drove in wet area of the rough when carts were restricted to the drier fairways.
The photo below exhibits the type of damage a golf cart can do to the course when saturated soil conditions exist.
The photo below is a wet area in the rough following a rainThe photo below is a wet area in the rough after a rain

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