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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SubAir in Operation

Weather conditions are one of the most influencing factors on the health of a turfgrass plant. Saturated rootzones and extended periods of wetness are detrimental to the health and quality of a green's surface. The turf roots do not like being submerged in water. There is no oxygen available to the plant when the soils are continually wet.

We have just completed the 3rd wettest spring in the last 82 years. Last spring was the wettest spring in the last 100 years. Continual and persistent rainfalls have the opposite effect on turfgrass plants than a nice drenching infrequent rainfall. This is not the kind of spring we want for our course, especially the new blue nine. Wet conditions reduce roots depths and are a haven for disease occurance.
The photo below is is of the SubAir machine in operation. The machine sucks water out of the subsurface of the green and discharges it offsite of the green.

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