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Monday, June 28, 2010

Green Speed Factors

Numerous factors affect the speed of the greens on a given day or over an extended period. The most impacting factors include the health and condition of the turf, extremes in weather conditions, extended periods of drought or rain, construction methods and materials used to build the green, species of turf established on the green, the design & contours within the green, etc. Last but not least, green speeds should be maintained at a pace that affords the membership an enjoyable round of golf.

One factor that is often overlooked is that virtually no course has its greens maintained at lightening fast speeds everyday of the season. The turf simply cannot take that kind of pressure over an extended period without showing signs of a decrease in quality. You may visit a club for a Member-Guest or Guest Day or some special event where they have the greens very fast for that single day and that day alone. It doesn't mean that is their speed everyday.

Factors Affecting Green Speeds

Contributing Factors (lower speed)

Rainfall/irrigation/dew/humidity/moisture held in the plant
Increased Mowing Height
Changes in soil temperature
Diminishing effects of Plant Growth Regulators
Ball marks
Lack of sunshine (prevents turf drying)
Greens with a flatter design and minimal contours
Lack of air movement

Contributing Factors (higher speed)

Lower mowing height (Diminishing return)
Increase # of times mowing - double cutting
Changes in soil temperature
Reduced fertility
Use of Plant Growth Regulators
Any factors that contribute to a smoother surface
Any factors that reduce plant growth
Use of improved bentgrass varieties
Higher wind velocities (keep surfaces firm and dry)
Greens with more slope and more undulations
Good air flow
Improved drainage for firm surfaces
Dry surfaces
Low humidity

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