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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fall Golf Course Projects

There are many work related projects that continue on the golf course during the fall months.  Even though golfers turn in their clubs for their winter coats, the Golf Course Operations staff prepares the course for the coming winter.  Below are a few of the fall tasks that must be completed before the winter cold and snow arrive.  Many of these fall tasks are actually necessary to insure the quality and healthy condition of the turf for next spring and summer. 

           Trees are transplanted

         New trees are planted

The two new red greens are growing in

The new red greens are fertilized weekly

Covers are put on and removed from the 2 new red greens as temperatures dictate


Fairways are aerified to improve drainage and reduce thatch accumulation

Greens are aerified improving drainage & improve
 oxygen exchange

Fairways are topdressed to improve firmness

Topdressing sand is dragged into the turf

Lorrie is putting new plant materials in the patio pots

All beds have been cleaned, trimmed and are ready for spring growth and plantings

The staff is still busy blowing and collecting leaves on the course

The parking lot area is cleaned for the winter

We are busy with cart path repair while the weather permits

Greens, tees and fairways are sprayed with preventative plant protectants to guard against winter disease occurrence when the turf is under the insulation of snow cover.

Disease - Snow Mold   This is why we spray

These are just a few of the tasks the staff does during the fall months.
Enjoy your winter.  We will take care of the course while you are away.
See you in the spring.

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