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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Color

Included in this post are fall photos of the golf course and the progress of the two new red greens.
                                    Lorrie has added fall color to the walkway and clubhouse pots
Polly - A little older and grayer but still a grand lady
The golf course is in tremendous condition
2700 trees -  Lots of leaves being mulched and collected
Constant blowing of leaves off of the green's surface
Plenty of leaves to collect around the buildings
Aerification of the fairways is an agronomic necessity.
It relieves golf cart compaction, removes thatch accumulation
and it increases oxygen into the turf root zone

We will increase fairway topdressing which will assist in increasing firmness and dryness to the fairways.  However, you will notice tighter lies in the future.
We have added two new bentgrass chipping areas to the short game green.
This will help distribute the heavy use and numerous divots.
Keep in mind the short game area is mean for chip shots and sand shots.
Longer wedge shots are not encouraged.
We will be putting on and removing the green's covers on the two new red greens on various days depending on the weather forecast. 
The seed is germinating on the new red greens
John is doing the 1st mowing on the new #9 green
Numerous drainage projects are in progress

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