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Monday, April 25, 2011

Carts on the Path

There are those days, especially in the spring, when wet - saturated golf course conditions dictate that carts must be restricted to the paths. Please reference the photos below to see why it is necessary to keep all 4 tires on the path rather than driving around another cart, around a water puddle on the path, or going across the golf course when the conditions are very wet. When approaching a puddle of water on a cart path STAY ON THE PATH, REDUCE YOUR SPEED & DRIVE SLOWLY TROUGH THE PUDDLE. DO NOT GO AROUND THE WATER

The photo below shows the damage by a golfer who drove a golf cart off of the cart path this weekend when the carts were restricted to the paths.

Below is another example of a golfer driving a cart across the rough and fairway when there were cart restrictions in effect.

Please help keep the golf carts on the paths during the restricted periods. It takes time and money to repair these violations. Most of all, it detracts from our beautiful property.

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