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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#8 Blue Tee Project

Over the next few weeks we will be expanding the teeing surface on #8 blue tee. As is the case with virtually any par 3 tee, there cannot be enough teeing surface because of the damage left by iron shots that result in deep divots. We will be expanding and enlarging the middle tee. This will provide the opportunity for the blue tee players to hit off of the middle tee and not be required to play off of the back - championship tee 100% of the time. The photo below shows the extensive wear and numerous divots on the small black championship tee on #8 blue. These divots are the result of both the black tee and blue tee players hitting from the small championship tee. The tee expansion will allow us to rotate the tee markers and provide an improved hitting surface.

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