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Friday, July 14, 2017

Critical Situation

Course care is important at any golf facility and NCC is no different.   We have a wonderful golf course here at NCC and our members seem to really be enjoying the course.   With the increased activity of play that we have at NCC, it is imperative for every member and their guests to participate in normal golf course care by repairing every ball mark, divot and spike mark that they make.  Also, please encourage your caddy to do these three important tasks for every shot.

If we want NCC to be recognized as one of the outstanding manicured and quality conditioned courses in Chicagoland,  I have attached two videos at the end of the photos that will show proper ways to properly repair ball marks and divots.  Thanks for your help with these practices.

Our Golf Course Operations Team will continue to do everything we can both from an agronomic and manicuring aspect to keep the course in a condition that you can be proud of and enjoy. Thanks in advance for your help in joining us with making our course  detailed and manicured.  I'm available to share information and course care recommendations if  you want to give me a call. 

The 104 red flags on #7 red green and an equal number on Blue #1 green following the 4th of July weekend represent unrepaired and incorrectly repaired ball marks.  This significantly reduces both the aesthetics and playability of the putting surface.

The photo below is a neglected unrepaird ball mark.  It will take 2-3 weeks for this spot to heal.   Imagine hundreds of these marks on a green.
Unrepaird fairway divots.  

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