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Saturday, February 25, 2017

TU's Progress

Many of you have seen or asked about our new golf course - goose dog.   I adopted Tu in the early summer from the Deerefield Dog Shelter.   Having had 3 different previous owners, initially she was very nervous and immediately very protective of me.   In the last 4 or 5 months she has progressed significantly.  Those who saw her when she first arrived and who see her now are in awe of her improvement.  

Having had to say goodbye to our two previous Border Collies over a 3 year period, we weren't emotionally ready to begin starting over with another dog.  However, it has been a blessing to me and to Northmoor to have found and adopted Tu.  She will not leave my side.  She does have a major separation anxiety issue when we are apart but as time goes by I hope she will be more at peace that I will always come back for her. 

Having any dog, especially a high energy breed like a border collie, demands a significant amount of time to work with her and continue training her.  She is no ordinary house dog that is comfortable with laying on the couch all day.   She is bred to work and run and be active.  I was not looking forward to that and she has taken much more of my time than I ever imagined but that is the commitment anyone should make when they acquire a pet of any kind. 

I certainly, nor was my wife Lorrie, ever considering Tu living at our home but there was no where else to keep her.  She wakes up every morning at 4:00 am and is ready to come to the course.   All has gone pretty well except when I have to be out of town and have someone stay with her.   She is house broken but once when I was away, I guess she was pouting and decided to use our carpet to relieve herself.   She hadn't done it before nor has she since.  Guess she was just making a statement.  Now we have to take up and replace the carpet.   But, she is worth it.  

She loves the golf course and the dog park.  See below

Ready to go to the dog park

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