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Friday, September 9, 2016

Tu - Our New Friend

Many of you recall that over the past 13 years we had two different border collies, Polly and Bristol, that were highly trained and highly priced goose chasing dogs.   Both of them have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and we were in search of a new goose chasing team member.  I spoke with my chairman and he agreed that finding a good rescue dog combined with a good trainer to work with her would be a good way to go.   After months of searching rescues shelters all over the country, I ran across Tu, a 3 year old border collie - Australian mix at the Deerfield Orphans of the Storm Rescue Shelter.  After visiting her twice over a three week period, I decided NCC would give her a forever home. 
It has taken her a while to adjust to all the people and activity of a golf course life but she has made monumental strides.    Here is her story as best as the shelter shared with me. 

She was originally owned by a Chicago family that had to relocate out of state.  They chose not to take her with them so they gave her to the shelter.   Shortly after, a family with young children adopted her.   As one would anticipate, Tu being a high energy and bred to be an outdoor working dog, was too high energy to be around young children.   The young family took her back to the shelter.   After a while, an elderly gentleman who had recently lost both his wife and his dog, adopted Tu.  And again, as anticipated, she was too high energy to be shut up in a house all day without any exercise.   The gentleman returned her to the shelter.  

It has been an interesting 4 months with her.  I never planned on having a 3rd dog at my house but there is no one at NCC for her to live with.   It isn't convenient for my home but I will never return her to the shelter.   She is attached to me and I am her new caretaker.  She doesn't leave my side.  She is at the course daily, running and chasing and is able to enjoy life outside of a rescue shelter cage.  


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