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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Men's Invitational

Based on all accounts and the positive comments, the 2016 NCC Men's Invitational was a resounding success.   With it being a short week to prepare the course due to the Memorial Day Holiday on Monday and rainfall two days during the week, the Golf Course Operations Staff did a tremendous job of getting the course into prime condition for the Friday and Saturday event.  Losing Wednesday as a work day due to an inch of rain, the staff worked from 5 am to 7 pm on Thursday and from 5 am right up until the 1:00 pm start time on Friday to get the job done.   The team below are the men who make it all  happen on the golf course for your enjoyment.   They are the silent heros that often go un-noticed yet there would not be a golf course without them.   You likely do not know them by name but please give them  a wave or a smile when you pass them on the course. 

Great conditions for the event

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