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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Course Opening

When we open the course this spring we will start out playing the north course.  This allows the staff to concentrate on getting 18 holes cleaned, prepared and playable for member play.  Then we will move to preparing the holes south of Clavey as soon as possible. 

Some of our seasonal staff are just beginning to return for the season.   The temperatures are still very cool and I am looking for the first good few days of weather to open the greens.  Below are photos of  just a few of the tasks that the staff does to prepare the course for spring play.

Weather permitting, we will open the course and the range on the matts on Friday March 25th.  There is a chance for snow this week so be sure and check the condition line, my twitter @TommyDWitt, or the site for updates

Fairways are being mowed for the first time
Debris is blown from the greens and fairways for mowing
Greens are rolled to firm the soft surfaces after the freezing and thawing
Greens are mowed for the first time

                        Fallen trees from winter storms are removed from the course
    Accessories are readied for placement on the course
   Refurbished benches are put on the course
Thousand of sticks and branches are collected
   Bunkers are prepared for play

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