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Monday, January 5, 2015


Many of you saw Bristol, our Border Collie goose dog, on the course this past summer.  As a 3.5 year old, she was just beginning to learn her way around the course.  Unfortunately and devistantlingly, Bristol developed a sudden fungal infection and passed away on Friday night of last week.  Personally, I have lost a loyal friend and a valued staff member.  Spending all day together everyday we became very close.  This came only a year after Polly, our previous Border Collie died at age 13 from an enlarged heart issue.  
One of her commands was to "Lie Down"   

On point and ready to go get the geese.
Both Bristol and Polly lived with John at night.  The breeder insisted that the dogs be with someone 24 hours a day and not just left in a small pen and alone at night.
Bristol supervising my two pugs Bowie and Kuma
This was Bristol's last handshake for me before I left her at the trainers.  I hugged her and promised her I would be back. 
The photos below are of Polly - A Grand Lady and Friend



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