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Monday, June 16, 2014

New Technology - New Equipment

Golf course management is steadily advancing both in playing conditions and the equipment utilized to deliver the new standards in course quality.  Below are some of the fairly new pieces of machinery and technology that we are using at NCC.

Moisture meters are used to check the soil moisture 3 to 4 inches deep in the soil profile.  The readings from the instrument (once we determine a base point for turf wilt) aide us in knowing when to syringe or irrigate the green to provide the proper amount of water to the grass plant.  This device does not preclude us from using other methods of determining optimum water management.  We still probe the rootzone, feel the turf surfaces, look for foot printing of wilting turf and check for visual discolorations of isolated areas of the greens.   The moisture meter is just another tool in our arsenal.
Vertical Mower to reduce thatch in the fairways for firmer and tighter ball lies
Excessive thatch material is removed.  Vertical mowing lines will be visible for a short period
Rolling the greens following daily mowing gives us faster green speeds
We generally roll 3 to 4 times a week.  Any more frequent and it placestoo much stress on the turf.
   The Verti Quake is a unit with 8 to 10 inch blades that we use along the fairways where tree roots affect the turf quality.  We also will use it in high traffic areas to relieve soil compaction.  In the photo below you will notice the off colored turf on #9 blue (the back tee.)  The Verti Quake blades are relieving compaction and severing the shallow tree roots that are encroaching into the tee.
The Planet Aire machine is an aerification type technology that is used to "vent" the green surfaces.  This practice helps relieve compaction and improve oxygen  availability to the rootzone.
 Drons are now being used by Golf Course Managers for a variety of functions:  mapping, documenting, photographing, etc. 


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