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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Aerifying Greens

                  Action today prepares for quality conditions in the months ahead.

We have aerifying  the fairways this week with solid tines.  This process opens the turf surface without pulling out soil cores.  The main purpose of this is to relieve compaction, reduce the thatch layer and provide open channels for oxygen availability and exchange in the turf rootzone.
Fairways are topdressed with sand for thatch reduction
This sand will be applied to the fairways to make them "tighter and firmer" over a period of time
We are also deeply solid tining the greens for the same reasons.  These areas will all heal very quickly and will not interfere with play but for several days.  These are the tines we use on the greens
 The greens are rolled following the aerification to smooth the surface and it also covers the holes
The holes are less than pencil size one they are rolled
 Notice how the aerification holes allow us to work sand into the older white soil and clay based rootzones of the greens.  This allows for better drainage and air oxygen availability
 Notice the healthy, white roots that are growing in the aerification channels.  This is a very healthy grass plant.  These practices in the spring prepare the turf to endure and survive the stressful summer weather conditions.

Notice the small dark green circles on the green running from top to bottom in the photo below.  Two of the circles are just to the left of the pennies.  These are the aerification holes from the fall.  The circular areas are greener today because of the air channels we made available to the roots

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