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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Work

Once the golfers have sought the warmth of their living rooms or have headed south or west in search of warmer weather, there is still quite a bit of activity on the golf course. The Golf Course Operations staff works well into the fall and winter to finalize necessary tasks. These, behind the scene,  guys give a truly selfless effort working out in the cold to prepare the course.   These are just a few of the off season tasks that are accomplished.

  We are getting our new Border Collie "Bristol" acquainted with the property and chasing geese.

There are plenty of leaves to collect an dispose of.

The staff clears the parking lot of snow when necessary.
We have just "blown out" the irrigation system for the season.
Applying preventative fungicides is necessary to prevent winter diseases.
These photos show just how winter diseases can devastate a course.
 Rough mowing units are used to mulch the leaves
Ivan & Santos are preparing the winter planter boxes
Lorrie is planting the winter pots
Adding additional drainage is a winter routine
Our staff takes down diseased and unsafe trees
In-house tree removals
           Mario is repairing any irrigation system leaks
Todd is adding a layer of sand to the green's surfaces to protect the turf
Apolinar is topdressing the fairways with sand to help firm the fairways and protect the turf from winter temperatures
These are the guys that work before dawn and till dusk many days in snow, rain, heat and cold to give us the golfing conditions that NCC members and guests enjoy. 

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