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Thursday, July 19, 2012

It Can Change is a Day

The life of a Golf Course Manager is always challenging.  Weather has a significant impact on the turfgrass health and condition which directly reflects on the playing condition of the course.  Hot, dry, dirm, wet, soft, etc. condititions can change daily on a golf course.  Controlling the Uncontrollable is our biggest challenge in Golf Course Management.

Two days ago we had 10 staff members hand watering fairway drain lines that were wilting from the intense 100 heat.
Today, we have 15 staff members squeeging water from the low spots in the fairways following 1.7 inches of rainfall last night.  If not given attention, the lower and wetter areas can become scalded from the 90+ degree temperatures and they become an optimum location for turfgrass diseases to occur. 

The two photo below show an agressive and devistating turfgrass disease known as "Pythium."  It favors low, moist areas and occurs in hot - humid weather conditions.  Thus the reason for squeeging the fairways and applying plant protectants.
   The photo below is of a lightening strike on the #7 red green Wednesday night. 

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