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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why are the traffic ropes and stakes necessary on the golf course?

During the hot, windy and arid times of the year it is necessary to utilize various golf cart traffic rotation measures.  Cart traffic is one of the most influencing factors relating to turfgrass wear and compaction. We will only use these measures when necessary to protect your golf course. I understand their inconvenience but I also know they work. 

Golfers routinely drive carts close to the bunkers which result in compaction and wear patterns.
 In an effort to get as close to their golf balls as possible, golfers often drive their  carts too close to the bunkers
Notice the off color of the fairway turf to the left of the bunker, just inside the darker green intermediate rough cut.  This is the route many golf carts are driven resulting in compaction and wear.  The traffic rotation stakes will help give the turf a break from the cart traffic and let it recover
Again, carts are routinely driven just inside the fairway cut line resulting in the turf off coloring and becoming compacted.
During extreme periods of heat, drought and low humidity the turf is stressed and is susceptible to wilt and damage from golf cart tires.
The area below is along the path at White #8 where carts enter the fairway
The photo below is of the exact area on White #8 where the traffic blocks were added.  As you can see, they do work to protect your golf course

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