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Monday, March 5, 2012

Course Opening

While it has been a unusually warm winter, we currently still have snow cover on the golf course.  As is the case each spring, our target date for opening the course is April 1st.  This date can vary by a few days to a week earlier or later depending on the weather.  We will be providing updates on the course opening on this blog site as well as on the condition line.  I will also be sending out an email to those of you who have provided me with your email addresses for course updates.

We will be implementing a new flag color scheme and design this spring.  We will red and white flags for the red nine, black and white flags for the white nine and blue and white flags for the blue nine.  Proofs of the new flags are pictured below.  The only difference from the photos is that the NCC logo will be a solid black color and not just and outline.  There will be no front - middle- back color coordination.

The flag below is from the LaQuinta Resort course in Palm Springs.  This is a real photo of what our new flags will look like.  I hope you find them attractive and to your liking. 

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