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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Tee #2 Red

Dr. Hurdzan agreed that a forward tee on #2 red would be a positive addition.  Therefore, we have just completed the construction of a new tee on #2 red.  The tee is located between the existing men's tee and the ladies tee.  This will be a white tee location.  I think those of you who play the white tees will find it very friendly and enjoyable. 

The area before the new tee
Rootzone mix was hauled in for the top of the tee.
Rootzone mix is leveled for the top of the tee.
In-house staff lays sod around the new tee
Quite a cold day for laying sod 

Sod for the top of the tee will be laid in the spring
Another project completed by a great NCC staff.
These guys are very talented and do a great job.

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