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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Storm Damage

Several weeks ago and again last week, two different storms hit NCC. Winds of 70 mph were registered at NCC. We had a number of trees that were completely uprooted and fallen. There were also a number of trees that had large limbs or the tops of the trees damaged. In the photos below you will see the extent of the storm damage and the amount of work the staff did today to get the course ready for play.
Rotten trees, like the one in the photo below, are the first to fall in a wind storm.
Staff members blew leaves and small limbs from the fairways and into the roughs for removal.

The staff collected fallen limbs and put them in piles for collection.

The staff blew leaves out of the bunkers and removed limbs and sticks.

Truckloads of fallen debris were collected and piled for removal.

Crews removed loose limbs that were hanging from the trees.

Hundreds of fallen limbs were collected and piled for removal.

A number of trees were uprooted by the high winds.

The golf course was a total mess that morning at daylight.

Crews worked 12 to 13 hours a day to remove the fallen trees and debris.

The most extensive damage to the course was on the red nine where we have more trees.

In total, we lost `12 or 13 trees but the most impacting damage from the storm is the number of trees that are still standing that have broken limbs and damaged tops to the trees.

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