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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bunker Moisture

I understand that the best playing conditions are when bunkers are dry.

Except for last week, our bunkers have been wet since early June.Add Image

What has contribute to this situation?

1. It rained 12 days during June and therefore the bunkers stayed wet.

2. Last Thursday marked the first time since April first that we had a 4 day period without rain.

3. Last Tuesday through Sunday the bunkers were dry because of higher winds and no rain.

4. We had 5 days of 90 degree temperatures and the turf around the greens has to be
watered. The turf surrounding the greens is watered with the same sprinkler heads that
irrigate over the bunkers in their design sequence.

The photo below shows the sprinkler head on the right edge of the green on #3 red. The pink designs represent the patter of irrigation throw that the sprinkler delivers. This sprinkler rotates 180 degrees from the edge of the green out, therefore covering the turf outside the green. Unfortunately, the same sprinkler delivers water to the bunker area in its rotation. We will do our best to kep the bunkers as dry as possible.

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