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Friday, May 28, 2010

Cart Traffic

I had a question the other day about why we ask golfers to drive their carts on the paths around the tees and greens. The golfer added that our members do not have to do that in Florida and out West. There are basically three reasons for our recommendations.
1. The bermudagrass courses in the South and West have a different kind of grass (bermudagrass) which is much more wear tolerant than the bluegrass, bentgrass, and poa that we have on the North Shore. The bermudagrass is heartier and can withstand more cart traffic without incurring damage.
2. We have a number of areas that are in the shade and in a narrow location where carts are funneled over the same location. When carts drive in these areas the turf is negatively impacted and shows signs of wear and damage.
3. There is a safety factor involved. The safest route to the next tee is via the cart path. It is designed to keep golfers out of the vicinity of golfers playing other holes.

The wear in the photo below is behind #4 red green where carts drive around the back of the green. We have already replaced this sod twice since the renovation. This is a high traffic - shaded location.
The photo below is where carts frequently exit the cart path on White #8
The photo below is the approach to white #9 fairway where the majority of the golf carts enter the fairway. This is why we rotate the cart traffic to prevent damage.

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