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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Greens

The photo above shows a temperature reading of 48.2 degrees on #1 Red green at 2:00 PM today. The temperature reading at8:00 AM was 38.6 degrees. While the turf may start to green-up at lower soil temperatures, the grass will not being to actively grow until soil temperatures at a 2 inch depth are in the mid to high 50s. The AM to PM soil temperatures can vary considerably this time of year due to the freezing overnight lows and the potential sunny afternoon conditions.
The photo above is of #4 Red green. Notice the different colors in the green. This is due to the ice and drainage patterns from the winter months. The darker areas are the wetter areas of the green. This same situation can hold true following heavy rainfalls throughout the year. This is why some locations on a green can be firmer than another.
The photo above shows the damage incurred from the hoofs of a deer running on the new #9 Blue green

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